Top 5 islands of the Philippines

Top 5 islands of the Philippines


Photo by CC user haundreis on Flickr

Looking for a paradise island to call your own? If you wish to pursue this ambitious goal, there are few better places in the world to search for your dream hideaway than in the Philippines.

With over 7,000 islands, this nation in the tropical Pacific has been largely overlooked by tourists over the years, making it prime hunting grounds for those looking for a place to get away from it all. In addition to amazing options for Airbnbs in the Philippines.

With companies like offering great deals on stays there, it is easy to sample many islands in the Philippines without having to worry about logistics.

If you are unsure where to start, we have a few suggestions that will get your travels in this intriguing nation rolling.

1) Palawan

Located far from other islands in the Visayas, Palawan’s seclusion only serves to intensify its mystique.

Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dramatic limestone karsts, and enough hidden beaches to fuel a lifetime of exploration, visiting this island is a must for those looking for an epic experience in the Philippines.

Here, you’ll discover the hidden gems which compelled Alex Garland to write The Beach, you’ll sail into water-filled caves named one of The Natural Wonders of the World, and you’ll get to experience a side of the Philippines far removed from its crowded cities.

2) Coron

Sandwiched between Palawan and the main islands of the Visayas, Coron is a place every bit as impressive as its bigger brother to the southwest.

With some of the best wreck diving in the Philippines, one of the cleanest lakes in Asia, and beaches eclipsed by the same karsts El Nido has (but with far fewer visitors), you will feel like you have won the lottery upon your arrival here.

3) Bohol

While Bohol has stunning beaches (such as Alona, Pamilacan, and Dumaluan), they are overshadowed by a pair of attractions away from the seashore.

The first of these lies in its interior, where thousands of mound-like limestone formations can be found. Covered only with grass, they turn brown in the dry season, an annual occurrence which gave the Chocolate Hills its name.

One of Asia’s most unique mammals is Bohol’s second attraction. The bug-eyed Tarsier can be found in jungles of its interior, so keep your cameras at the ready, as getting a pic of this pint-sized primate will leave your friends back home in disbelief.

4) Boracay

Certain travelers may loathe this place for what it has become over the years, but there is no denying Boracay’s popularity has endured over the years.

This is thanks to a potent mix of outstanding beaches and world-famous Filipino hospitality, which has served to drive an ever increasing number of visitors to this tiny island in recent times.

The island is divided into three stations – the first station is where luxury resorts can be found, station two is home to mid-range options, while backpackers will feel at home at station three, as budget friendly guesthouse and hostels can be found there in abundance.

5) Mindoro

Looking for an island in the Philippines which is popular with the locals? If you are looking for one which can be reached quickly from Manila, make plans to spend time on Mindoro.

A mountainous island with plenty of hidden attractions, there are enough services in places like White Beach and Sabang (the latter of which is known for having some of the best SCUBA diving in Asia) to keep the less adventurous out there interested.

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