Tasty Mexican dishes, and where to try them: a primer

Tasty Mexican dishes, and where to try them: a primer


Awaiting the consumption of tasty Mexican dishes on your upcoming trio to Mexico? They are even better when you know where to try them, as they are at their best when locals prepare them in the way they were meant to be had. Don’t miss the meals and spots listed below…!


1) Tacos al pastor: Mexico City

Shortly after touching down in the capital of Mexico, take to the streets of the Centro Historico in search of your first gastronomic trophy. While tacos of all sorts are served on the sidewalks of the District Federal, the king of them all in our humble opinion is tacos al pastor.

It consists of lovely roasted pork loin basted in barbeque sauce, onions, and best of all, some sweet chunks of pineapple to top it all off. Each part of this envelope of meat has flavor contrasts that will deliver an experience that will rise above any taco that you have ever had at home.

Be sure to get the ones with cheese (queso) if you can: heavenly!


2) Birria, Pozole: Guadalajara

Next, make your way to the capital of Jalisco State for a pair of brothy meals that will cut through the subtle chill of a December night (it can get a little nippy at 5,000 feet even at 20 degrees latitude at that time of year!) like no meal you will have during your time in Mexico.

Birria is a stew made with juicy chunks of goat or mutton that tastes far better than it sounds (trust us on this one: the fat adds so much goodness to this bowl of awesome), along with onions for additional flavor and dried chili peppers for heat.

If you are still in the mood for soup the following day, seek out some pozole next. Containing corn tortillas in addition to meat (chicken, beef and pork among other meats are common), this dish can vary greatly across sections of Western and Central Mexico, but in Jalisco, you’ll get bowls that have sliced radish, tomatoes, onions and lettuce along with plenty of dried chili peppers for an added kick!


3) Enchiladas de mole negro: Oaxaca

Love chocolate? If so, you owe it to yourself to sit down for some enchiladas when in Oaxaca, as they do a spin on this dish that contains elements of this decadent ingredient in the sauce. Oaxaca is known far and wide for its mole, with mole negro being one of its most famous varieties.

The richness of the chocolate will enliven your taste buds without being overbearingly sweet, making for a meal that you won’t soon forget!


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