Five essential Vietnamese dishes you must try

Five essential Vietnamese dishes you must try


Heading to Vietnam soon and have no idea what meals to eat to get a clear picture of the local cuisine? This article will introduce five essential Vietnamese dishes you must try to gain the understanding you seek.

Let’s delve into the details of this matter below…


1) Pho

While there are many types of soup you can enjoy while in Vietnam, Pho is one of the best loved bowls you’ll be able to get.

Consisting of beef or chicken broth with slices or balls of either meat, spring onions, greens, and flavored by ginger and coriander, this ubiquitous treat can be found at street stalls and hole in the wall restaurants countrywide.

There are even fast food joints exclusive to Vietnam that specialize in this dish, but we recommend that you stick to the independent dealers for the best meals.


2) Banh Mi

During the years that Vietnam was a colonial possession of the French, they introduced freshly baked bread to the daily foods that were available to the average citizen in that day and age.

Over time, they took this new input and created the sandwich known as the Banh Mi. This delicious and nutritious meal is composed of onions, cilantro, shredded carrots, sausage and even diced up parts of a fried egg. Yum!


3) Goi Cuon

Vietnam’s version of the spring roll bears little in common with the deep fried kinds you are familiar elsewhere in the world, as Goi Cuon takes a translucent piece of rice paper and fills it up with various kinds of meat (from seafood to crumbly bits of sausage), egg, salad greens and tofu.

Lemongrass is used to season many of the ingredients prior to being rolled up and presented for sale on the street, giving a uniquely Vietnamese flavor.


4) Com Tam

Translating directly into English as broken rice, com tam is a nationwide favorite for the fragrant grilled pork that is served over it.

Also served with pickled vegetables and salad greens, and often with a bowl of soup in restaurants, it is commonly found in Southern Vietnam where it originated.


5) Che

When it comes time for dessert in Vietnam, look no further than to a bowl of che for a sweet ending to your day.

Composed of tapioca balls, beans, sweet corn, shredded coconut, coconut milk and shredded ice, it will deliver the relief you are seeking on the most sweltering of days.

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