Culinary Explorations In Kuala Lumpur

Culinary Explorations In Kuala Lumpur


Over the last several years, Malaysia has been feted in the food media, as its multicultural blend of Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures has resulted in a cuisine that has blended the best aspects of all three ethnicities, arguably creating one of the best foodie nations on Earth. While certain parts of the country are better than others for the variety and quality of dishes available (such as in Penang), heading to the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur guarantees access to a wide selection of the very best bites that Malaysian cuisine has to offer.


While you could certainly plunk your butt down at any old food court in KL, you travel to experience the best of the world, so knowing in advance about specific restaurants would be most advantageous to your ambitious plans. As such, we have gone the long yards to find three restaurants that best represent each culinary discipline that occupies a firm place in the national psyche of Malaysia. Let’s delve to each in detail…


Indian – Vishal

This Brickfields favourite has been serving up Southern Indian food for countless years to faithful patrons who turn out regularly to experience some of the best banana leaf cuisine that can be found in this Indian dominated enclave of Kuala Lumpur. While much of what is on hand will make vegetarians happy (due to the high percentage of people in Southern India adhering to this diet), there are sufficient meat curries available to keep carnivores in your party happy as well. Be sure to try the lassi as well when ordering a drink, as this yogurt-based drink is surprisingly refreshing!


Chinese – Yut Kee

Being the second biggest ethnic group in Malaysia, the Chinese can be found in force throughout the nation, but particularly in urban areas. As a result, fans of Chinese cuisine will not falter in their quest for fine foods in Kuala Lumpur, with Yut Kee restaurant being adequate proof of this assertion. Found in Little India of all places, Yut Kee is mere steps away from Dang Wangi station, with the lingering scent of roti babi (a thin bread filled with shredded pork and onions) and Hokkien Mee noodles drawing the helpless masses in night after night.


Malay – Bijan

Comprising just over half of the population, the Malay majority has plenty of restaurants that represent it well against the intimidating one two punch of the culinary heavyweights that it competes with on a daily basis. This has forged Malay food into a discipline well worth trying, with Bijan being the perfect venue to sample its trademark flavours. Situated in fancy surrounds that befits its location within the ultra-modern KLCC, meals such as rendang daging (beef curry) will demonstrate its marked difference from its contemporaries, while showing that its dishes can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best that the world has to offer.


Two Words: Yum Yum!

Sampling the best food in a city filled with orgasmic gastronomic experiences is a holiday straight out of a foodie’s wildest daydreams, but it can become a reality in a place like Kuala Lumpur. By embracing its cultural roots, and blending together the best that each group has to bring to the table, this Malaysian megacity has created one of the world’s leading food capitals.

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