Experience Christmas in a different land this year

Experience Christmas in a different land this year


Want to experience Christmas in a different land this season? If you are looking to shake up your celebrations at the last minute, this post will give you some suggestions to make this dream happen for you and your family…

1) Germany

Home to the rapidly spreading concept of the Christmas market in other parts of the world, Germany has a holiday charm that cuts to core of its original origins.

The best market to visit is in Dresden, which first put together a festival based around the holiday season in 1435.

At this event and equally popular ones in places like Berlin and Munich, you’ll find traditional crafts, the irresistible aroma of spiced gingerbread, and tasty and dangerously addictive mugs of mulled wine.

The latter will warm you through, but do bundle up tight, as the temperature can drop towards the freezing mark as the big day approaches.

2) The Philippines

If you don’t want to bother with heavy coats and sweaters, but don’t want to abandon the Christmas laden spirit that the north has in spades, then spending the holiday season in the Philippines is by far the best way to go.

If you aren’t bothered by an ultra long period of celebration, you’ll like it here, as they start putting up parols (a Christmas decoration unique to the Philippines) in September, and they don’t take them down until the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th.

When you aren’t taking part in street parties in the lead up to December 25th, there are many amazing beaches to lounge on, great food to gorge yourself on, and friendly people to meet, so take your time and explore everything this nation has to offer.

3) Australia

If you are looking for traditions that track closely to what you are used to in the West, want 1st world infrastructure, and money is no object, spending Christmas down under in Australia is definitely the way to go for you and your family.

Even here though, the fact that it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere makes this day different from what you are used to back home. In Sydney and in other places along the coast, going to the beach with a Santa hat on is a treasured holiday tradition, and some cook their turkey and ham (or other meats) on the BBQ instead of in the oven.


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