Cape Town’s Trendiest Restaurants

Cape Town’s Trendiest Restaurants


These days, the ascending nation of South Africa has been turning heads with its recovery from the days of apartheid, charging forward into the 21st century as a diverse nation filled with creative people from multiple backgrounds.

Naturally, this embrace of multiculturalism has created an environment where new exciting business concepts have emerged; nowhere else has this been more true than in Cape Town. Being South Africa’s most picturesque coastal city, it has drawn people from not only all over South Africa, but from all over the world to live in a vibrant emerging global metropolis.

Travelers seem to agree, as they have been arriving in increasing numbers year over year. If you wish to join them, may be recommend that you dine at some of Cape Town’s trendiest restaurants? If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out these three during your time in this amazing city…


1) The Grand (Beach Road, Granger Bay)

When you get dropped off by your cabbie, you might think that he interpreted the address incorrectly, as the exterior of The Grand very much resembles a warehouse. The interior is quite a different matter, as fine rugs and chandeliers will teach you a stern lesson in judging things by their outside appearance.

Among all the dishes one could try, their seafood selections are well worth the order, while those turned off by surf options can’t go wrong with one of their wood-fried pizzas.


2) Skinny Legs & All

Those looking for an outstanding alternative cafe experience should definitely give Skinny Legs & All a fair try. Those looking for light eats will be well catered for by this trendy cafe, as its soups, salads and sandwiches will make your taste buds sing.

Those that crave heartier mains will enjoy the trout and chicken dishes, which are made all the more delicious by the inspired modern surroundings that will have you noticing all kinds of custom touches.


3) Mzoli’s Meat

For those that are familiar with South African cuisine, you know all about the massive amounts of flesh that it consumed on a yearly basis by the natives here. While there are plenty of traditional grills here, when celebrity chef Jamie Oliver stands up and proclaimed Mzoli’s Meats to be “incredible”, trendy foodies take notice. Grab a few beers, leave your attitude back at the hotel room, and savor in the scent of charbroiled meat as you sway to the beat of local South African artists.

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