Best new restaurants in London in 2015

Best new restaurants in London in 2015


London has long been a crucible for some of the best food in the world, so when one visits here, they can generally expect to eat well (though not for cheap, sadly). If you are looking to sample the best new restaurants in London in 2015, this post will reveal to you three of our top choices….


1) Piquet

For a capital city of a country that sits right across the English Channel from France, you’d think London would have more French restaurants. Being a global crossroads though, a variety of different cuisine types and fusions have squeezed out French as a choice for new aspiring restauranteurs, which makes Piquet an interesting case study.

Boasting a menu that changes on a monthly basis, and uses the freshest of ingredients, Piquet has thrived despite being located in a bit of a drab neighbourhood, and being blocked off partially by construction in 2015.

With this place overcoming those two hardships to become a well-loved restaurant in a hard to please city, it is well worth a try by those looking for a new twist on a classic cuisine style.


2) Shotgun

Despite the jarring name (or perhaps thanks in part to it), Shotgun has garnered more than its fair share of attention due to its alluring take on American Barbeque. Using British ingredients to put a local spin on things, the grill staff here have no shortage of experience when it comes to coaxing the best flavors out of the meat they cook.

The result: carnivore heaven, with eight different types of flesh being grilled in their pits, which are authentically American in their construction. If you are expecting an elegant dining experience, be forewarned: BBQ is a messy business, but for all the stickiness you’ll have to endure, the satisfying meal you’ll consume will make it all worth it.


3) Il Cudega

If elegant is what you are after, then Il Cudega will be more your speed: finely cooked Italian food, with rapt attention to detail being hard and fast rule here.

Crowdfunded by the slow food movement, this restaurant might not ship your meal out to you in rapid fire fashion as one would expect in a garden variety casual dining chain, but when it does arrive, the love that has been poured into your dish will be immediately apparent.

From aromatic cheeses, to some of the best cured meat that Northern Italy has to offer, Il Cudega will have you falling head over heels for the beautiful art of cooking all over again.

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