Best meals to have on Little Corn Island

Best meals to have on Little Corn Island


While most people come to the Corn Islands for the seclusion, the world class beaches and adventure, you might be surprised to find out that it’s becoming known for a quite a few excellent restaurants. With expats moving here at an increasing rate, Little Corn Island land for sale  is on the rise, and a number of eateries have opened in response to the demand that this has created.
When you visit Little Corn Island in the near future, be sure to have the following meals at the restaurants listed below…

Pulled pork barbecue dinner – Tranquilo Cafe

Of all the restaurants on Little Corn Island, Tranquilo Cafe is one of the most popular among visitors,  ranking #1 on TripAdvisor.

With a well-balanced menu of options that includes plenty of American favorites, it is no wonder that has attained the popularity that it has.

Out of all the specials that it offers, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for pulled pork BBQ night. For little more than $10, you will have a feed that will rival some of the best that you have had.


Pesto penne with chicken – Cafe Desideri

Cafe Desideri is another outstanding restaurant on Little Corn Island, as it has done Italian in a way that no one would expect to find on such a out-of-the-way island off the coast of Central America.

And yet, here it is, offering amazing food and drink that does this way of cooking tremendous justice. While there are many excellent pasta dishes on the menu, we recommend that you have the pesto penne with chicken, as it has gotten many rave reviews on online ranking sites.


Lobster tacos – Turned Turtle Restaurant

On the east coast of Little Corn Island, one of the best dining venues is none other than the Turned Turtle.

Located on the property of Little Corn Beach and Bungalow, its view out over turquoise waters is only rivaled by the high quality of the seafood and turf dishes that it offers.

An excellent choice to make when confronted with a menu here is to choose the lobster tacos, as these bite-sized treats that take crustaceans that are fished out of the waters just off Little Corn Island and turn them into a brilliant meal you won’t ever forget.


Rondon – Rosa’s Restaurant

Looking for a taste of Creole cuisine? If so, you will want to eat at least one meal at Rosa’s Restaurant. While there are many Nicaraguans and Caribbean dishes that one can order here, those that are feeling ambitious will want to order some Rondon.

A coconut milk stew containing various types of seafood cooked together with vegetables and spices, it will be a meal that will fill you up and satisfy your taste buds.

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