Best food trucks and street food in Portland, Oregon

Best food trucks and street food in Portland, Oregon

photo by CC user Shashi Bellamkonda on Flickr

Looking for the best street food in Portland, Oregon? This article will have us spill our guts on what we think are the most innovative food carts that can be found on the streets of America’s funkiest city…

1) Picnic

Want to satiate your craving for meat and cheese slabbed between two thick slices of bread? If so, you’ll want to make Picnic your first food truck stop in Portland.

With even simple dishes like the BLT having its ingredients sourced and created with care (the bread is homemade and the bacon comes from local pigs that have had their flesh marinated in honey and black pepper), you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise if you think you’re in for a lunch that merely fills the void within you.

2) Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen

With transplants coming from all over America to live in the alternative paradise that is Portland, it is hardly a shock that various types of American cuisine can be found within the food trucks that have popped up all over this city.

Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen is part of this trend, as her stand pumps out the richest Southern comfort food on the western bank of the Mississippi.

Those that are in paralysis analysis over what to try will want to start with the fried chicken, as its brown sugar and hot sauce infused breading is paired with lashings of maple syrup, and paired with biscuits and gravy. Heart attacks never tasted so good.
3) Nong’s Khao Man Gai

Bringing Thai style food cart action to Portland, Nong Poonsukwattana had to nail his specialty – Hainanese chicken with a Thai twist – if success was to be enjoyed. Fortunately, it proved to be a success, and has since spawned a restaurant (which serves five dishes … keeping it tight!) that compliments the original cart downtown.

If you haven’t tried Thai style street food before, be forewarned … it will be the start of an addiction that will hook to this brand of cooking.

4) Carte Blanche

If Portland is known for one thing, it’s that it is often weird for the sake of being weird. No food cart quite captures that spirit quite like Carte Blanche.

Concocting meals that defy categorization in their tiny Airstream trailer, this team will have you hemming and hawing between mains like The Trouble With Ghosts and Kaffir Leaves with Coconut Milk. Whatever the menu happens to be when you drop by, you’ll be in for an adventure.

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