Best countries to visit for art lovers

Best countries to visit for art lovers


If one of the things that you look forward to the most when traveling is seeing how different cultures express their innermost thoughts on canvas, then you will enjoy today’s post.

Below, we will reveal the best countries to visit for art lovers. From the grittiness of Colombia, to the Old World classics of Italy, there is much to love about the countries on this list…


1) Italy

A serious discussion on the best art destinations in the world simply can not be had without mentioning Italy first.

Home to some of the most creative minds in history, cities like Florence stand out, as being home to Michelangelo’s David (Galleria dell’ Accademia) and some of the finest pieces from Raphael and Rembrandt (Galleria degli Uffizi) has put it firmly on the global art map.

The Eternal City is a must as well, as Rome contains sculptures and plazas that date from the times of the Romans, as well as a treasure trove of Catholic art within the bounds of Vatican City.


2) Colombia

Those that are into art of a more gritty, down to earth nature will love what they find in the exciting nation of Colombia, as the creativity of this country’s youth has long been expressed by the paintbrush of the spray can, with abundant concrete walls serving as their canvas.

From the steamy streets of Cartagena, to the chilly alleyways of Bogota, complex pieces that tell the story of a nation in all its joy, pain, and politics will blow the mind of those used to juvenile tags on buildings in their hometowns.


3) USA

The United States of America has plenty of hotspots when it comes to high art. In Los Angeles, it can be found at the Getty Centre high in the Hollywood Hills, while the Windy City boasts plenty of museums of note, with the Art Institute of Chicago (hosting the works of luminaries like Picasso and Warhol among other giants of the medium) being the standout attraction.

New York City takes the artistic cake though, as the Guggenheim, MoMA, and the Met have some of the globe’s rarest and most valuable pieces.


4) Japan

Those looking for a taste of the Far East will like much of what they find in Japan, a nation with a unique culture that has been able to isolate itself from outside influence through much of its past history.

From festivals that celebrate traditional folk art, to contemporary art museums in Tokyo that play host to some of the most “out there” expressions of artistic talent that can be found in the present day, those that enjoy human creativity will find something around every corner that will enliven their soul during a trip here.

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