5 of the Best Winter Sun Holidays Around the World

5 of the Best Winter Sun Holidays Around the World


Looking for the perfect way to escape the chilling temperature form your city or country? Well, start packing your bags now and take a trip to five of the winter sun holiday destinations that we will recommend below, each with its unique personality and the promise of providing you with new travel memories that you will forever treasure.



Popularly known as Myanmar, this Asian country is currently one of the hottest destinations, especially for young travelers who are looking for winter sun holidays. It has just recently opened its doors to tourists, which is why it still holds a charm that many people find fascinating. However, when planning a trip in Burma, do not expect to see progressive cities. Rather, be mesmerized by the allure of its attractions, including the temples and pagodas that you can see in Yangon and Bagan.



An island off Spain, Tenerife is another perfect choice for people who are seeking for temporary refuge during the cold season. One of the things that you should do during your visit is to go to Teide National Park, which has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. If you are traveling with kids, a visit to Siam Park and Loro Parque will be a good idea. If you love marine biodiversity, you will also have plenty of options for world-class diving spots, such as in Los Gigantes, Puerto dela Cruz, and Los Cristianos. For the more active travelers, hiking can also be done, specifically in Teno National Park and Anaga Mountains.



For many, India would be known for the iconic Taj Mahal, which is perhaps one of the sights that should not be missed when visiting the country, however a luxury holiday to India has a lot more to offer. For instance, it is known for having sumptuous food. More so, it is also home to some of the best beaches you will ever see, especially in Goa, which also has gained reputation amongst party-goers. This exotic destination is surely going to be a feast for the eye and the stomach.



The most popular destination in Cambodia is perhaps Siem Reap, which is home of the magnificent Angkor Wat. Aside from such, there are tons of temples in the entire Angkor compound and for sure, three days will not be enough to have your own Temple Run adventure. Aside from the beguiling temples, there are also beaches that you can visit in Cambodia, specifically in Koh Rong. This city is especially popular for backpackers and young travelers because it is ridiculously cheap.



This country can be a contrast of cultures, especially if you visit its capital, Bangkok. The latter is known for having magnificent palaces, one is even set near an enchanting river. Nonetheless, it is also known for notorious sex tourism. More than that, you can expect world-class clubbing, delicious cuisine, and cheap shopping. For some fun with sun, sea, and sand, Thailand does not fall short in terms of white sand beaches, such as in Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Samet, among others.

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