5 City Breaks to Enjoy with the Family

5 City Breaks to Enjoy with the Family


We always should give priority to our family and spend as much time as possible with our family. But it does not happen all the time as we all are busy with our work. But when we get a break, we try and go on a family vacation. City breaks are always very popular family holiday options. Here are 5 wonderful city breaks that you can consider for your next family vacation:



Paphos is a superb family vacation friendly city in Cyprus with vast archaeological sites, the palm-fringed seafront, caper plants that grow on the Mediterranean’s edges, the wild fennel and a vast blue sky. The official Archaeological Site in Paphos is grand and surely the richest in the south’s archaeological locales. The old center of the city known as Ktima is a calm place with great handsome colonial buildings. So, there are plenty of wonderful things to see and you can expect to spend some memorable time when on your luxury family holiday to Paphos.



Florence is the birthplace of renaissance and the city of lily. It is a destination of subtle beauty with stone built palaces, navigating the Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi which is the finest depository of Italian Renaissance art, and fantastic bridge over the Arno River. This small riverside city is always at the top of any kind of traveler’s bucket list and the best way to experience it, is to book a tour with a Florence tours specialist. It is not as bustling as many other top European cities, and families can expect to have some exciting experiences here.



Morocco is very a popular travel destination among the Europeans and the best family friendly and richest of all cities in Morocco is Marrakech. The views of exciting Atlas Mountains are must to see on a sunny day. The wonderful gardens such as Agdal Gardens and Menara Garden are known for their vast orchards and tranquil olive groves. The miracle of Marrakech is the beguiling and confusing medina, which is a happy clash of old and new. There are also a number of luxury hotels in Marrakech for you to choose from. So if you go on a family vacation in Marrakech, you can expect to experience a unique culture, friendly locals and some really exciting and incredible sights.



Barcelona is an enthralling seaside city with a world class dining and drinking scene, fabled architecture, and boundless culture. A great mix of ancient and modern architecture will make you feel the greatness of this wonderful capital of Catalonia. The sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches of Barcelona along with its tempting cafes and markets offer travelers to engage lots of exciting things to do and enjoy.



London might not be as calm and friendly as many other cities mentioned above but the limitless number of iconic attractions and restaurants that this glorious city boasts of makes it a never-miss travel destination. Exploring this wonderful city with your beloved family will allow you to make limitless number of unforgettable experiences.

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